Jenna Quindica was working at her third startup when she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Her journey has been a rocky one, marked by medication changes, mental health days, and more. She wouldn't have been able to maintain her full-time software engineering job without help, support, and encouragement from her manager and coworkers. Jenna will share how she navigated a diagnosis and now a chronic, mental illness. This is a story with a happy ending. Attendees will walk away feeling more comfortable discussing mental health in the workplace and everyday life.


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Jeff Garner at 09:38 on 17 Aug 2018

Thanks for sharing your story! I found it very informative, sad (at times) , and even entertaining.

This was a really great, personal talk about mental health in tech. It felt more like an introduction to mental health concepts than a standard keynote, but the highly-personal nature of it made the talk very impactful.

Roger Creasy at 06:10 on 18 Aug 2018

This was an open, honest discussion. Thank you for sharing your story. You did an amazing job!