Have you ever been too afraid to try for an opportunity because you feared that you wouldn’t get it? In this talk, you’ll learn more about some of the causes of fear of failure, along with clear strategies that you can use to overcome it and advance within your tech career.

Fear of failure is very common, especially among women who are underrepresented in tech. You should attend this session if you’d like to learn how to develop more confidence, build a strong support network, and avoid the pitfalls of perfectionism and procrastination. We’ll use relevant examples from TV and pop culture to illustrate how you can overcome your fear or failure and further develop your potential as a tech leader.


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This could easily have been a keynote, and was dangerously under-attended. Olivia mixes anecdotes, humor, and Family Feud clips for a talk that leaves you feeling "heck yeah, I can do this!"

Emily Stamey at 11:07 on 21 Aug 2018

This was a fantastic talk! The speaker engaged the audience with humor and great information. I left with some new ways to look at things and tools for managing fear. I will try some new things and use those tools to overcome the fears.