Coding in practice is a perpetual learning experience. The ongoing necessity of tackling new languages, frameworks, legacy codebases, etc. can be daunting. Immanuel Kant outlined some thought tools for making sense of and eventually conquering vast intellectual territory. I have found the application of these insights enormously helpful over many years and countless tricky knowledge bases. This talk will aim to pass along those tools and techniques, and make the first steps of your future challenges less intimidating.


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I'd see this again!

Margaret's always a dynamic speaker, but this is one of those offbeat talks that makes you completely re-evaluate everything you think you know about the world. Not many people could pull off a talk like this, but Margaret is outstanding.

Justin Maurer at 16:49 on 17 Aug 2018

Fun and really interesting stuff. Would love to read a weekly newsletter with similar ideas. Some bits were a little hard to follow, because they were readings of structured definitions and worded quite technically. But I think that stuff could easily be improved in future iterations, and would definitely translate better in text.

This was so fun to experience, Margaret's slides were so great, loved all the gifs. She fit in a ton of information in the time, and clearly related the topic to tech/programming in a way that made it much easier to understand. Would attend again :)