I crowd-sourced ideas for a conference session. The responses were varied, but a pattern quickly emerged, and it all had to do with the psychology of the job. Here's some of the suggestions.

"How to find dynamic, creative, curious candidates, and figure out how they think"

"Signs that you aren't cut out to be a software developer"

"Mental health and software development"

"Compassionate coding / the value of empathy in coding"

"Locus of Control Psychology and how it relates to the learning process"

It's not often that a session at a technical conference talks about something completely non-technical, and yet everyone seems to eventually realize that success has almost nothing to do with having exceptional technical ability, and everything to do with having exceptional people and teams.

Attending this session will take you on a tour of how having control over your own mind, control of your communication, understanding other personalities, and how building a team of great people can be transformative for yourself and your organization.


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