PHP is a huge language, with lots of "kitchen sink" functionality for you to build data structures with. But did you know PHP includes a standard library that has built-in structures like linked lists, queues, stacks, and higher-performance arrays? This talk will cover a few of the more interesting ones in depth, including how to use them and most importantly why you'd use them over other solutions.


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Bill Condo at 11:26 on 17 Aug 2018

I'm not as familiar with some of standard library options as I should be even after a long history with PHP. Omni gave a good rundown of a number of the items and helped fill some of the gaps that I have. I'd recommend his talk for those looking to understand more about data structures.

Julian Canepa at 13:20 on 17 Aug 2018

Entertaining talk. Lots of standards library goodies I didn't know about, excited to find places to apply them. The speaker did a great job with code examples & presented some solid take aways based on his own comparative experiments.