We start out on our careers with a path mapped out ahead of us; a clear beginning, a final destination, and predictable milestones in between. Too often we arrive at a place and realize it’s the last place we want to be. There is an alternative to the straight and linear path. By giving ourselves license to wander and explore, we can build a career of broad experiences and real fulfilment. Join Samantha Quiñones and Graham Hoefer as they share their own winding paths through engineering, leadership and management and how they learned to let go of the ultimate destination to focus on what’s really important.


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Julian Canepa at 14:05 on 17 Aug 2018

First speaker pair of the event, the dynamic made the talk conversational & easy to tune into. I liked a lot of the ideas that were presented, would have been nice to have a final slide of take aways to focus things at the end.

The talk was full of great insight and humor, and I always enjoy watching Samantha and Graham shitpost each other, but it felt more like a live podcast episode than a keynote. From talking with others who don't know Samantha and Graham (particularly that they're a couple), it seems that there's a bit of confusion over *why* they're co-presenting.

Jeff Garner at 14:55 on 17 Aug 2018

Good to see a talk that compares common tasks of different job roles. Enjoyed some of the banter during the conversation but wish there had been some reference information presented at the end.