Caching can be a very complicated and loaded topic in Computer Science. There are many factors to consider from query caching, results caching, SQL caching, partial content caching, and full page caching. Look forward to finding out typically when, what, and where you should be caching and the best practices in implementing and how in PHP with various caching technologies(Redis, Memcached, and cloud based solutions). Always remember that you can over cache, so it is important to not go overboard as well.


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Ben Chrisman at 14:14 on 16 Aug 2018

Great information, and lots of it. Information was presented fairly quickly, and was difficult to digest - especially when the talk ran short.

Julian Canepa at 13:05 on 17 Aug 2018

Lots of great information here, in a short timeframe. Helped me to realize how I can add caching to many of my existing projects (especially the Laravel ones). The speaker did a great job at lowering the bar for entry level listeners, and communicating how well she understood the topic. Questions were answered very thoroughly.