Seeing Constraints, Kanban Explained


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I'll certainly be able to use some of the info from this talk. Not sure I'd want Jon to organize my team, though. :) I like the idea of multiple boards, but 30+ seems totally over the top. I liked "Stop approving crap which will never be implemented." Scrum references didn't seem very "Scrummy" to me; not sure if covering "Scrumban" was a goal, but I didn't learn much from the talk in this area. Would have liked to see more about interacting with/supporting business goals. As with many methodology talks, it was very development-focused. "What to do when development isn't the bottleneck" is an under-served topic.
Overall it was more than worth the time I spent, so good job.

I thought Jon's talk was very informative. I was familiar with Agile and Scrum going in but I hadn't heard of Kanban before. I'm a little fuzzy on what officially was Kanban and what was Jon's personal tweaks, but regardless I felt the information presented was logical, practical, and easy to understand. I would recommend Jon's presentation to groups that haven't really done Agile or done it well.

A very informative and enjoyable presentation from a very knowledgeable presenter.