Understanding User Experience Design Patterns


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Really enjoyed this. I plan on sharing the pattern catalogs with others at my company. Examples were good.

This presentation covered some great information and Ambrose was well-spoken and easy to understand. There was fairly good coverage of the overall theory behind design patterns and lots of great examples.

This was the first time I've seen Ambrose talk, and I've got to say, he's really fun to listen to. The talk was packed with useful information to whet people's appetites for all the possibilities of UI Design. I would have loved to see a deeper dive into specific patterns and analysis of when/how to identify their application. Overall though, it was a great talk.

An enjoyable and informative discussion. The presenter did a great job of providing insight into UX issues with a real-world focus.

This was the best presentation I attended all day and made the event worth it (well, Iron Man 2 and Mellow Mushroom Pizza certainly helped!)