Behat, BDD and Selenium in your App


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Sorry, Ryan, though the tutorial itself was fantastic, and definitely prepared me for taking over the Behat suite that my company currently uses, I have to deduct a thumb for relying on the conference WiFi to get started. The USB drives definitely helped get the ball rolling, but because it wasn't pre-prepared it did start us off late.

TL;DR: The talk is awesome! Hopefully Ryan will be more prepared next time, because the tutorial alone deserves a full 5 thumbs.

Wish things got started faster but great talk; I learned a lot.

I am going to give 5 stars, because it was a great talk with lots of great hands on content. I really liked that there was a story to follow and do some actual coding.

Yes, there were issues with the timing and the wife. At times things went really fast, but then there were lulls while people caught up. So I was able to catch up.

Just couldn't benefit more because I didn't had any php 5.4 installed. Gonna prepare a vm for that so I can use on conferences.

Definitely a fantastic speech

Very interesting way to do acceptance testing - definitely hooked me up to try it.