Clean Code: Refactoring


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Great talk. Rather than just staying theoretical, Jeff went into actual code and showed how to shift it around and make it more readable. Only suggestion would be maybe some graphic markers on top of the code so that the brightness of the laser pointer isn't a limiting factor. It wasn't a problem in this talk, since the room was dark, though.

Anyway, great talk :D

I liked this talk, and I liked the specific examples he showed, but I felt like it could have moved a bit more quickly. It would have been cool to see another example of refactoring in action with real code.

Great talk. I loved the code refactor examples.

Good talk Jeff, thanks for the demos.

Good talk. There were a few controversial refactoring techniques (NullObjects, perhaps splitting code upp into too many small chunks) but Jeff underlined that good refactoring is situational rather than statistical, while at the same time showing concrete examples.

Code refactors could have moved quicker, but would have been tolerable at length if it were done as live-coding or playback ... the two examples presented were great - but a single example could have sufficed. The second example ends in a 'good enough' state - would have liked to see it go further. Overall - good talk, very comfortable speaking in front of a crowd.

Personally I liked the pace. It gave me more time to think about what Jeff was saying. I heard 'naming' things well is hard; nested if blocks are roadblocks to comprehension (by other humans); returning types consistently reduces surprise. That's 3 principles I could comprehend and take back home and apply. Jeff extracted a few ideas from 2 great computer books that he referenced, "Clean Code," and "Refactoring," and showed how they could be applied to server side php (model code in MVC).