Community works!


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Michelle and Matthew had a wonderful slide deck and they were both very enthusiastic about the topic.

The only complaints I have are ones that I don't think they had control over.

The audience was too small to really get involved n the talk the way they had planned.

Also, the small audience they did have really didn't seem to be the right target audience. Most of us were already active community members of various degrees.

Michelle and Matthew did a really good job at highlighting different aspects of the PHP Community, and really loved how they showed that we are really one big family. The group was really small, but I think beneficial for those who were new to the community as they were able to connect with and learn more about some of the groups.

I think the one thing I would have liked to see more of would have been opportunities to get involved in the community more, as well as a listing of regional/ local conferences in case anyone wasn't from Miami.

Overall, great job- fun and educational :)