Decoupled CMS


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Anonymous at 11:47 on 8 Feb 2014

This talk was confusing and unclear. The topic seemed a bit of a bait and switch from the description.

The flow of the presentation was very confusing. Seemed to jump all over the place. Needed to tie some of the early content with the remainder of the presentation (e.g., showed a diagram of application architectures you don't like ... show one toward the end that you do with some concepts presented during the talk).

Also, wasn't sure who the audience of this talk was for ... those building applications that require the features of a CMS, or those wanting to build CMS services for others to consume. I guess both.

The topic is one our team was really interested in, unfortunately.

Thanks for the feedback. I was not very happy with my delivery of the talk, especially of the second half. I will soon publish the slides but will likely publish a 2nd version with some changes to the order of the slides. Aside from this I am sorry if the description of the talk created different expectations than what was delivered.

yeah I am sorry man but i will give you one. You can deliver a great talk, i understand you were probably tired already. I myself was confused because by CMS I was expecting you to talk about CMF and to land with code and architecture and maybe the overall picture too in a more concrete manner. I know CMF is intertwined with CMS and probably the components would have been more expanded like CreateJs, etc. I am sure the second version is going to rock.

attendees: please send me what you wanted to have learn about. will do a webinar to try and undo my failure.

Anonymous at 12:05 on 9 Feb 2014

Still, it was an intersting talk on an important topic. Expectation management is always hard.

i think i was too harsh on putting 1 thumbs up, i want to change it to 3-4 but it does not let me. I think doing a webinar would rock. It would include more technical concrete details and perhaps more details on the services or options that were presented. Another plus would be to explain some implementation of all of this.

I wasn't expecting this talk to go in this direction. I think you fell into the trap of people expecting "Decoupled CMS" to be specifically aimed at one of your "Decoupled CMS" related projects. Instead, you showed in general what happens if you "decouple your CMS" from an *extremely* high level... so I don't feel it was a bait and switch, I think it was just hard for people to know what to expect.

I enjoyed the talk and I got a few things out of it (like a reminder about and the new one you mentioned, so I thought it was pretty good.

I was expecting this talk to go into more details maybe taking a concrete example like the CMF project and phpcr. However, I liked the talk at a high level view, I wish we'd have more time to go into more details.

FYI, the slides linked are slightly rearranged from the presentation. Essentially I moved the slides on interfaces to the end. So now there is a first part that is entirely PHP agnostic and then a final part that applies the concepts to PHP.