Design Patterns Workshop


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I learned plenty of new stuff as well as now knowing what to call a lot of what I had been doing all along.

Brandon, the more excited and enthusiastic you got about the patterns, the faster you talked, which did distract a little, but not quite enough to deduct a thumb.

Thank you for answering a lot of my why would you use that questions for all those design patterns.

Excellent tutorial. it is always nice to review design patterns and absorb others' understanding of the topic. You were very clear and concise in your descriptions. Most of your examples were very good, though I think it would be good to have a few more non-contrived examples as well.

Anonymous at 13:34 on 8 Feb 2014

Anonymous at 13:34 on 8 Feb 2014

Awesome tutorial. I'd learned the theory behind design patterns before, so this was a good refresher for that and a great help in how to implement them in PHP.

Well organized talk with great info!

I guess I was expecting more architectural design patterns - like MVC, SOA, event-driven, etc.

This was a little too 'firehose' for me to grasp the concept of each pattern in the time we had, especially given I've worked mostly in procedural code and less in OO.

Anonymous at 15:24 on 10 Feb 2014

Attending this one for patterns in general with PHP as the secondary interest. The presenter did a good job but no effort was made to enhance the visuals for those sitting beyond the first couple of rows.

Good talk, well structured, good examples. Very good explanations to the questions from the audience.