Get Started, Move Fast and Break Things with Symfony2


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Anonymous at 12:23 on 7 Feb 2014

excellent! thanks

Maybe too basic but definitely really good tips for Symfony2 beginners. Great speaker.

A great overview of a number of bundles and components to use when trying to do RAD, specially for prototyping. It was very fast paced at some points, but it was a 10,000 foot view of how to work faster with Symfony2 & write less code. Great for anyone already familiar with Symfony that wishes to do rapid prototyping.

The fact that Ryan was barefoot on stage the whole time just made it even better. Welcome to Florida in February!

Anonymous at 15:43 on 8 Feb 2014

great talk, and you did touch on radbundle which was good. The problem was with the title, i almost did not go because of it, but i am glad i went to your talk even though the title did not give away the actual subject. I like that it was symfony related. Hard maybe for the beginner, but good for the symfony newcomer. Maybe too basic, as Raul pointed out, for the advanced developer. But it is hard to have it for everybody. Also the offer of writing maintainable code was not exemplified extensively although there were examples in the talk. Good speed, maybe some more structure. Good job man!

I'm going to give this the 4-star rating it deserves although I didn't get to see what I wanted. That's mainly my own fault. I was expecting to see a Symphony 101 talks, but got a RAD talk.

Ryan is a very good speaker, the content was interesting and well deliverd, but again: I expected to see something completely different. And again: that's my own fault, not Ryan's

This was a great talk, I haven't tried KnpRadBundle but some of the features it has, I've been implementing it in my projects and I got new ideas to keep improving on efficiency and speed when creating new projects.
Definitely, I'll try it on my next Projects if feasible or re-use some of the strategies they're using.