Git Educated About Git


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This was a good introduction to Git for beginners. The pace could have been a bit quicker. I also would have liked to see more about how Git works internally.

Bonus points awarded for an original song performed live!

Last but not least, I'd take out gitolite & gitosis as they are archaic Git servers with no UI. In my opinion the only Git server worth mentioning (and it's worth mentioning two or three times!) is Gitlab.

Great introduction to git. Jeremy walked us through all the major git commands in a fun, informative, and unique way. Excellent topic - I'll be applying what I learned immediately!

Great introduction to git. Awesome song!

Came for the song, stayed for the content. There's so much to git that simple intro talks still throw up something regular users may not have seen before. So, it was especially nice to hear some stuff about Jeremey's personal preferences and own workflow.

I'm with Rowan, I came for the song, and even picked up a few git things after having used it for a while. Great introduction to Git.

Came for the song but actually picked up a few things as well. This talk had the things that make me enjoy them the most: Entertainment, a passionate speaker and great content. You nailed it :)

Thank you for the great introduction to git.

I mostly came for the song and you knocked it out of the park! Great job. :) I think that if someone were new to git (I'm not) they probably would have taken quite a bit away from it. Nicely done!