Happy Hour


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The bar closes at 11pm :(

Haha now I understand the 3 points on rating. Indeed, 11 is too early to close.

sometimes all drinks were cold and coffee was not available :(

While it was free (and you can't really argue w/ free). I think that I can :-D

The lines were crazy long, the hotel staff was unfriendly (often yelling at people in line), and the drink selection was ... poor. It wasn't a full bar and so they didn't even have the ability to make many common mixed drinks. Which become important given that the beer selection was poor, and the wine selection (I tried them all) was lacking.

On the other hand, it was free :)

Anonymous at 15:24 on 10 Feb 2014

I don't drink. I wasn't the only one.

Long lines and bar closes at 11, that is way too early for a bar to close - But free drinks so yay!

One shouldn't complain about free drinks, but I agree with the others: the staff wasn't that friendly. Still: free drinks are nice.