Happy Hour, Games, and Hack-a-thon


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I was able to pair up with Lukas Smith. I think i also would like to call attention to the other top devs around, I think it would be more profitable for newcomers or the community to have them more accessible during these times. It is probably the time in which coders get together side to side and can learn lot more than from slides. I hope we can pay attention to this more for the upcoming conferences. I am not complaining just saying that for me the 99% of the conference learning was done at the hackathon. Lukas is a great example to follow as a FOSS educator.

Timing was awkward on this. What's not mentioned is that the happy hour was at the same time as a Panel, which was followed by the game (which was fun, if not at all PHP/programming related) ... while at the same time the hackathon was scheduled.

It meant that two things happened:

1. It was hard to hear the panel (and I was sitting up front), because everyone at the open bar in the back of the room was being very disrespectful and talking loudly having their own conversations instead of listening to the panel or stepping outside. And none of the conference organizers stepped up to handle the situation.

2. The hackathon was not super-well attended. I heard from many attendees who wanted to go to the hackathon, that they didn't because they stayed for the panel & games, then realized the hackathon was 'half-over', so they just left instead.

Might have been better to have things laid out more linearly on the schedule, and/or had more control over the open bar situation

The lack of definition to what was happening when and where, and no dinner - really made this difficult. I would have loved to attend the hackathon but had to go get food. I looked for the game but it didn't seem to be really 'happening' at the expected time, so I bailed for dinner.

The idea of a game, and of a hackathon, are great though.

Can just +1 Eli on this one.