Profiling PHP with XHProf


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I was happy to see someone talking about profiling PHP applications - for that alone this talk gets a 3. I did not know about the XHGui tool, and I'll give another thumbs up for that - it will help make my life so much easier.

However, there is a little bit of efficiency that could be gained from practicing this talk a few times ... I would really work on it and hone it a bit - perhaps run the ab tool live on a Wordpress vm. Maybe don't apologize for the inefficiency of your VM so much... mention it once and move on.

Otherwise, great delivery. Thanks for sharing!

Finally I got to see an XHProf talk. I was really looking forward to it and in the end I got what I wanted.

Although this talk wasn't really in-depth (which I hoped it would be), I'm actually quite satisfied with the things I learned.

Very nice to see XHGUI being featured and the fact that it has a MongoDB backend.

Another trick I really appreciated was the "disable CPU & memory" trick to improve performance. Unfortunately I cannot find the right syntax for it in the slides. Maybe this should be emphasized more in the slides?

@Jonathan: can you explain me how I should arrange the constants in xhprof_enable() to make sure CPU & memory aren't mesured?

@Thijs - Thanks for the feedback! To disable CPU and/or memory profiling just delete the flag. So if you want to turn both off you just call `xhprof_enable()`.