RESTing with Symfony2


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The tutorial had lots of great content and it served as an overview of REST and the number of bundles used in Symfony2 to work with REST.

I would have liked a more hands approach and possibly even build a small sample API.

Point taken. I would have done a section with some hands on coding. But decided against it because after the intro round I felt that I really needed to cover the theory in detail and also spend a bit more time on explaining some aspects of Symfony2. So in the end I decided on covering more Bundles rather than giving some "playing time". But I very much encourage you to fork the REST Edition and adding some features. If you run into trouble feel free to submit a PR to get some feedback. Hope this way you can also get the coding aspects that was missing from my tutorial.

I think it was great, wished there was a second part tutorial next time so that we can do a full blast theory part and 3 more hours on hands on coding on a project like gushbot :)
thanks a lot man and we will keep working online.

Excellent talk, I've been working with this bundle for some time now, and It's a great library, I wish we would have more time to play with it, so we could share between the attendees how we're integrating into our projects and get feedback from Lukas.
I'd love to see more editions like angularjs symfony edition with fosrest and the best way to integrate it.