Sticks, Spit, and Duct Tape: Advanced Responsive Layout Techniques


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This talk went lightning fast, and I like that. Information packed and informative. Lots of useful stuff I'm going to use right away.

Could have had less meme pics though. Too many naked people.

Great talk. Nearly everything discussed was new to me.

<marquee>Entertaining and informative - love it!</marquee>

Fast, informative, engaging. Never boring. Thanks!

The energy/passion from Josh was great. I'm pretty experienced with frontend development, but I got so much great information. If you're doing responsive web design, attend this talk!

I felt there was a lacking of cat pictures though, only 2????

Great talk, packed with useful information.

Very good information. Love the energy.

Great energy. Good information.

This was by far one of my favorite regular talks from this conference. I learned a lot but feel like I didn't retain much of it. I wish there were slides or something I could refer to?

Great delivery. Very fast. Very funny. Very informational. Engaging from beginning to end. Excellent job!