Beyond Design Patterns


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Really good concepts about abstraction and what code really is.

Sonny Savage at 10:50 on 7 Feb 2015

Gave me a novel way to look at design patterns!

Really great explanations and breakdowns. Enjoyed the examples.

Anthony always brings existing concepts to his audience and puts them under a new/better light. Great talk, I need to re-learn design patterns.

Being a design patterns fan, this talk was very interesting approach/viewpoint to the whole design patterns matter for me. It was very informative and provoked critical thinking, but I kind of miss code examples. I don't know if you've already done this, but might be a good idea to do a 3-hour hands-on tutorial with code examples.

Great concepts. Thanks!

The analysis of design patters was interesting, and novel, but I would have liked to see some real world applications of the theory. Show me how it helps improve a project that's overloaded with design patterns. Can it help reduce the complexity of my code? Practical applications would take this presentation from good to great.

Great talk! I've been a Design Pattern supporter for many years, but never seen it boiled down to the important essentials like you did. Excellent presentation! Could you please post your slides? Thanks!

When you attend an Anthony talk you just learn something. Great explanations.

Anonymous at 14:13 on 7 Feb 2015

Highlight of the conference for me. Lots of great thoughts to chew on. I really liked how design patterns were quickly and clearly described, given how often developers use them without knowing the formal names.

Great talk comparing various design patterns, and how we should concentrate more on information flow and less on the actual patterns. Also confirmed my suspicion that Anthony's genius knows no bounds. If I were to suggest anything, I might toss in a few real-world examples that demonstrate the importance of information vs. the desire to use a particular pattern for the sake of it.

Anonymous at 16:05 on 8 Feb 2015