Building Web Service Clients With Guzzle


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Awesome job, Jeremy! I love that you included a game activity (with prizes!), and I super dig the sample project! Not only did it really help me follow along with the content, but it also means I have it now to reference in the future! Minor note: I wish you'd spent a touch more time on the error codes before the game so I could have entered it with a bit more false confidence ;)

Great speaker. He covers from why this is useful to practical examples. The talk was very dynamic and give you the resources to go deeply.

Great talk. Thanks!

As a PHP newbie, code examples were great. Loved downloading & executing code in your session. Very helpful. Presentation was clear and paced just right. Well done. The best session for me in the whole conf so far.

Thanks, Jeremy, for the informative talk. I got to understand why I might use Guzzle over my old standby (cURL). Also appreciated seeing how to integrate with Twilio and other services. The overview and history of HTTP seemed slow and lengthy to me, but perhaps some attendees needed that background. I have new ideas for current projects thanks to your talk.