Dockerize All The Things!


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Great coverage of Docker from concept to implementation. Very informative!

Great presentation. The video playback of the docker functionality was a great idea as well a source of humor at points.

Thank you for the wonderful intro to Docker & answering questions after the closing keynote. I feel better about setting up containers and even best practices.

This was probably my favorite presentation. I appreciated that he assumed a fundamental understanding of VMs, and this let him jump straight to the benefits of Docker and how containers can be separated and linked together to form a customizable, isolated, and FAST development/production environments. I looked at Docker when it was brand new, and this talk helped me realize how much has changed since then.

Chris was a great speaker. His pacing was excellent. His slides were informative. And I left feeling excited about the future possibilities with Docker.

Anonymous at 16:04 on 8 Feb 2015

Really great talk well spoken and well demonstrated.

Very good breakdown of what is Docker and how to use it with best practices. Wonderful speaker. Many Thanks!

Excellent content and very professional execution. Chris offered a fantastic and practical introduction to Docker.

Anonymous at 18:27 on 10 Feb 2015

Great talk, I learned a lot about Docker.

Great presentation. Very informative