Giving Up Control: Inversion Of Control For Beginners


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Sonny Savage at 16:48 on 6 Feb 2015

Answered the general questions I had in my mind

Loved the real world examples used to explain IOC. Kept this topic simple and easy to understand.

Mihail Irintchev at 16:50 on 6 Feb 2015

One of the best demonstrations of why and how dependency injection and inversion of control work! Nice analogies and examples. I'd definitely recommend the session to everybody not doing DI, it would provide them with a great justification why they should.

I just gave two talks on unit testing this week and I wish I had seen Matt's presentation first because he explained the need for dependency injection much better than I did.

Great explanation of IoC. Nice examples that made it very simple.

That was good. I would like to show more about using a DI Container.

An excellent presentation!

This topic is a new one for me. Over the last few months, I've been gaining bits and pieces of information, and it is all starting to coalesce in my mind. This talk help confirm the parts that I do understand, and added a few more bits and pieces that weren't there yet.

I love your teaching style. The example code you used is some of the best I've seen.

I thought the talk was great but you might want to start out explaining that the first few patterns are bad practices. Maybe I missed that comment up front but I watched with my head cocked sideways until the moments at the end of each segment explaining why they were bad. Great content!

Mathew used a fun metaphor(cuppa) to illustrate different techniques for DI, making his argument for IoC along the way. I learned and will definitely be using what I learned. Also, did a great job answering questions.

Good session for clarify DI and IoC

Dependency Injection and Inversion of Control are two of the most mis-understood topics, largely because their names are scary sounding. Matthew made both topics super easy to understand with simple explanations. Feel more confident using both after this talk.

I agree with many of the comments listed below. This was very helpful material.

I think the presentation could be a little bit more interactive, more dynamic perhaps, just a suggestion. Great subject.

Anonymous at 18:12 on 10 Feb 2015

Great explanation of IoC. It's a difficult topic that needs to be made easier to understand, and this talk helped.