Jump-Start Your Application With AngularJS


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This was a good talk for begginers. not getting too deep into the concepts but inside practical examples for quick understanding. The way that Chria organize the excersises in a progressive way make it easy to follow and return later.

Good information, but I feel that you tried to present more information than the allotted time would allow. I would've prefered spending more time on fewer topics, getting a deeper understanding of the basics, rather than trying to cover so much. I could see the talk being broken into beginner, intermediate, and advanced segments.
However, I did learn a lot, and I appreciate you sharing your knowledge with us.

Good information. Thanks!

It was a great introduction, and enough to make me want to go look at AngularJS for a couple of smaller projects

Anonymous at 21:06 on 8 Feb 2015

Our plan is to transition to Angular. Chris's presentation provided the appropriate detail that validated this decision.