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Good talk covering history of http representation in php with a look to the future. Very lively discussion after.

Great conversation looking forward to the future of how PHP works on the Web. I'm looking forward to helping out with the various initiatives to push this along.

Really enjoyed, more of a round table than a talk, but it was all the better for it The exact kind of thing that makes Uncon so cool.

Really great discussion. Was almost a round table at one point. Really worth attending.

I think if you do want to turn this into a mainline talk, I would give a hair less about the history (give it, but make it less focused) and do a bit more on the implementation and rationale...

But was awesome!

Great informal conversation about the future of HTTP message abstraction with PHP. I feel like the first 25% of the talk about the history of HTTP could have been shortened, but it's probably important for those unfamiliar with the protocol. Great speaker, good sense of humor, and he handled Rasmus like a champ!

I largely agree with Anthony... I would focus more on implementation (i.e PSR-7) and less on history. But all in all it was a great talk.