The Javascript Single Page App Front-end And The PHP Back-end


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Anonymous at 17:00 on 7 Feb 2015

Good talk, much more balanced and through.

Highly knowledgable developer and it really showed. As somebody who already develops single page apps w/ PHP and JS I learnt about some cool techniques and tools.

Good talk. You comment a lot of libraries and useful information, It will be nice if you put it as a tutorial or a 2 hours conference. Please share the link of your slides.

Anonymous at 18:17 on 7 Feb 2015

I thought it was a noble attempt to tackle a broad subject in WAY too little time. Overall, very informative.

Excellent talk about "front end stack" concepts. Talk was long due to breadth and depth of info. Probably would be better just to give a high level overview of the code example, and present more detail in a longer workshop format.

Almost no time for questions. Also, I'd like to see more demo and front-end time.