Vagrant Provisioning With Ansible


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Very good introduction to ansible.
Green over black slides are a bit difficult to read.

Nice talk to get introduce in Ansible. The content and the way you handle the talk is great!
I think you could explain a little more the demos, It would be awesome for the audience ;)

Anonymous at 16:55 on 7 Feb 2015

Anonymous at 16:56 on 7 Feb 2015

Great talk! One tip, don't show coding examples with small, dark green text on a black background, pretty darn hard to see in a bright room and from far away.

Very useful information. Thanks!

Great talk with plenty of examples and information. From basics to advanced usage you covered Ansible very well. I am starting with Ansible this week. Thank you!

Lots of information and things to review. Was hard to see some of the examples.
Thanks for the talk.

Great talk Erika very informative i'm in transition from Chef to Ansible, you answer all my questions i would to hear also more about Ansible + Docker, if you have any resource please please let me know thanks :D