Workshop: Improving QA on PHP Development Projects


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Amazing speaker, He really knows what he's talking about. I have notice a large experience working with PHP and improving crapy 3rd party code. The talk was also great with lot of information and very well explained.

Very good speaker.
A bit too crowded (SunshinoPHP next time we need a bigger room!!!).
A ton of good pics.
It's time for some QA!!!

I always enjoy the talks that Mike gives. Good tutorial, thanks.

excellent discussion. i passed information back to my team for us to engage some of the tools and practices.

Great talk on PHP QA. I learned about some amazing new tools and concepts to ensure that my php code is the highest quality. Amazing speaker!

Very useful and informative talk.

Great talk, and was great getting directions ahead of time on what we would need to download in order to participate.

Possibly a bigger room next time :)

One of many awesome speakers at the event, he really drove the point home on how easy you can get started improving the quality of your code. QA now! No excuses!

Michelangelo is a prolific speaker. His passion for code quality is contagious.