Your Inner Sysadmin


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Thanks for the talk, some great information and lots to read up on. Thanks for the Docker tips. Chris was clear and clearly knew his stuff. Thanks

This is a whole new side to web development that most developers never get to see. Sysadmin is important for developers looking to expand their roles. Very informative.

Chris is a clear speaker and is patient with questions. I was introduced to a few new tools that I didn't know about that will help provide better support to web applications. This, like all presentations I attend, did not offer free cookies, but it should.

Good talk that packed in a wide range of information. I particularly liked the section on the Linux directory structure (much more clear and concise than other explanations I've heard/read), and the tooling recommendations (OSSEC, JailKit, Monit, etc.)

Excellent talk! Sysadmin is a role that devs need to understand to make their code better. Thanks again and I agree - cookies make all things better!

Chris gave a lot of good information with clear explanations. His explanations of OSSEC and the different types of jails and what's possible with sudo were helpful. He was also very patient with questions and gave detailed responses.