Adventures in Symfony2 - Building an MMO-RPG


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Gary Hockin at 16:58 on 6 Feb 2016

Simply brilliant.

It was really cool to see a totally different usage of Symfony from what I'm used to.

Tessa Mero at 18:04 on 6 Feb 2016

You're definitely one of my most favorite speakers to watch. Thank you for this opportunity to hear about the tools you use and how you build an MMORPG. I'm really interested in checking out your code!

A great story. I love hearing how people learn to become developers and create their applications. The talk was a great example of how a motivated, engaged person can overcome learning curves and create products enjoyed by thousands.

Jacob Wolowitz at 11:03 on 9 Feb 2016

After the talk I felt like the speaker is someone who I could be friends with. Very personable with great dialog. However, the talk had very little information. Based on the description I was expecting to learn about Symfony... and that isn't what happened. If it was just labeled "Personal development as an Engineer" then it would have been a hit.

As someone who usually participates in rather "boring" development it was inspiring to hear your story of taking what life had handed you and tenaciously following your dream to make it a reality. Made me quite jealous. I loved it when your passion shown through. Might have been nice to have some more takeaways other than inspiration.

Steve Grunwell at 18:49 on 9 Feb 2016

When I first heard that Margaret was working on a MMO-RPG, I was like "yeah, that's cool." Then I heard she was doing it in Symfony, and I was like "well, that's a weird choice..." *Then* I saw she was presenting a talk on it at SunshinePHP and I was like "okay, I'm not missing that!"

The talk goes through the game's humble beginnings, the hurdles Margaret had to deal with along the way, and why certain decisions were made at the time (and why she would or wouldn't make them again). Margaret herself is an captivating (if not a little too excited) speaker who's able to express her voice through the presentation.