Asynchronous PHP


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Matt Stauffer at 11:23 on 6 Feb 2016

I've always thought of asynchronous PHP as a magical unicorn that people much smarter than me use. This talk made async PHP completely comprehensible and approachable. Really great stuff.

Matt Trask at 11:31 on 6 Feb 2016

I had very little of what PHP could handle with regards to async. Chris did a great job talking and using excellent examples to describe async.

Chris did an awesome job explaining asynch and the cool tools that can make this happen in PHP. The only topic that was not covered was parallel programming in multicore boxes (a solution similar to OpenMP but in PHP)

Stephan Hochdörfer at 17:49 on 6 Feb 2016

Good overview of what async PHP really means. Bonus points for live coding :)

Emily Stamey at 18:00 on 6 Feb 2016

This talk really did make the topic of asynchronous php more accessible! I especially loved the examples and the moving around to break things up. It was a super great talk!

Great talk. Opened my eyes to what's available and possible with the newer 3rd party libraries.

Rodrigo Vieira at 00:42 on 7 Feb 2016

Really enjoyed this talk by Christopher. The live examples really helped understand asynchronous PHP.

Cory Fisher at 06:20 on 8 Feb 2016

For me this was the best talk of the day. It thrashed preconceived notions about what you could or couldn't do with the PHP language and challenged people to explore alternate solutions to some very common problems.

Phil Johnson at 11:12 on 8 Feb 2016

Great job on the successful live coding. This was a great talk.

Alena Holligan at 01:47 on 9 Feb 2016

Great metaphor for explaining how code can be processes. Very well put together overview of Asynchronous PHP. Really gets a person excited and gives them the tools they need to get started :)

Steven Wade at 09:22 on 9 Feb 2016

Excellent talk. I always thought async PHP involved compiling/installing extensions and this talk really showed that async PHP is available now and made it really simple to understand.

Jacob Wolowitz at 10:56 on 9 Feb 2016

I loved that this talk contained... information! Totally in contrast to the theme of the conference which was low information density and lots of words. Saved the night. There was some places where he went too fast. Also, I not a fan of the intro. That was valuable time that could have been used to better pace things.

One of the best talks at the conference.

I was looking forward to this talk coming into the conference and I was not disappointed. Great treatment of the subject. The talk clearly and articulately presented what this is about, disambiguated async and concurrent, demonstrated vanilla and package based techniques, and addressed why and how this is useful. Lots of useful code examples, up-to-date package recommendations, and the pacing and presentation were very pro.