Building Real-Time Data Pipelines


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This was a really cool case study!

This was my favorite talk of the conference. Pretty insightful information and techniques shared to drive a powerful datapipeline. Samantha exposed very well with examples and real life experiences. Thanks for sharing!

Barry Brannan at 13:54 on 6 Feb 2016

Enthusiastic presentation with an interesting case study story. Liked how the speaker told of the various iterations of their solution as well as the final solution.

One of my favorite talks of the conference. Coupled with the awesome tutorial I feel I have a much better understanding of how streams and the associated architecture works and can be consumed.

OMG, such a great talk. I want to see more talks of this level at all conferences. This is the type of talk that when you walk away it's hard to sum up what you took from it, but some time later when you're presented with a similar problem to solve it's there waiting in the deep recesses of your mind ready to be used as primer for your actual solution.

The topic was greatly complex, lot of moving pieces to cover. However, it was presented in a step through style that made grasping the general concepts at least attainable.

I had lots of questions, but that is expected from a topic as complex.

My favorite talk of the conference.

Samantha took us on a trip through one of the most interesting problem spaces and how solutions were prototyped and analyzed, showing the evolution of the architecture and finally leading to the completed system. To be such a technical talk I still felt like I was following an interesting story, yet all the technical choices made sense in the context of presentation. I will be studying this for some time; there is so much good here.

Great speaker with an obvious passion for the subject.