Containers and Docker for the PHP developer


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Dana Luther at 08:35 on 6 Feb 2016

Excellent examples and real use cases. I enjoyed the presentation and loved that the slides were broken up by actual live demonstrations.

Matt Trask at 10:07 on 6 Feb 2016

Coding live during a talk, bold move. Robert was a great speaker, super knowledgable and made a topic Ive struggled understanding a lot easier.

Excellent talk and practical examples.

One of my favorite talks of the conference. Great practical examples, broken down and explained clearly.

Great talk covering the simplicity of the docker system. Live coding a local system with multiple containers really illustrate the basics. Could use a walk through of how to setup one container and the concept of the base images, custom images and maybe the layers, but was fine without it.

Trying to quote a response verbatim hopefully it's close. "No you don't have to do it this way, this is just the way I like to use it." I believe that was referring to running docker inside of vagrant. Robert was nearly badgered to death with questions during the entire thing and not only answered them all, even though most were repetitive, but was able to continue showing off his live example. His ability to have a quick response using least words necessary was essential that hour; showed a mastery of the craft he was presenting which further grabbed interest to see don't only the how but they why, which everyone asked as well.

Jacob Wolowitz at 10:53 on 9 Feb 2016

Demonstrated his topic very well, and was knowledgable in the topic.