Demystifying Object-Oriented Programming


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Andy M at 11:12 on 5 Feb 2016

Loved your enthusiasm for the subject. I think you may have lost half your audience by doing the live coding and not foreshadowing the fact you'd hit deeper OOP concepts later in the presentation. As always, live coding makes everyone look foolish. There's no escaping that. By using your existing code and just walking us through what you've already done to explain terms/syntax/usage you would have eliminated any chance of mistakes. Additionally, by showing a quick outline of where you're taking us, you probably would have kept a significant portion of the crowd. It's just conjecture, but I believe the simplicity of the opening class/object example lead a number of people to assume the 2nd half would be nothing more than a continuation of the cookbook/recipe code. I noticed several of the people around me that left never bothered to pull the code from Git. So they were unaware of the IntroX.php examples showing the deeper OOP concepts.

santiago sosa at 12:23 on 5 Feb 2016

Great talk, A detailed table of content at the beginning would be great, so that most people don't get discouraged from the vary beginner level overview at the begging.Getting a better overview of how experienced people are with OOP can speed up tge initial overview phase to get to the fun parts.

Overall great talk!!!

David Cochrum at 15:16 on 5 Feb 2016

The level interactivity might've been worth it, but slowed the pace quite a bit. I would suggest next time also discussing the ability for a class to contain another class within a property and parameter type hinting.

Emil Gallant at 09:08 on 6 Feb 2016

Live coding is always an adventure; sometimes it works, sometimes it falls apart right in front of your eyes. This session was the latter. The first half was painful to watch and several parts of the demo code didn't conform to best practices. Several attendees left at the mid-way point, although I heard the second half was better.

Dana Luther at 12:29 on 6 Feb 2016

I think Andy said it well. I went in expecting it to be a beginner level tutorial but hoped I'd learn some finer details that I might have missed.

As much as I love PHPStorm - it's the only IDE I use - I think the code hinting caused issues for the live coding portion (because of the way the project was set up) since it was offering you methods that weren't available yet.

Also, while I LOVED your enthusiasm for the topic, I felt like you kept getting ahead of yourself, which just made the first part of the presentation difficult. At that point, it came across as ad-hock rather than prepared.

I am told that the last portion was fantastic - that more advanced features of OOP were discussed and that people enjoyed pairing up to work, but unfortunately I did not return at the break because I was too frustrated with the first portion and didn't expect the style to change dramatically.


Trey H at 21:01 on 6 Feb 2016

As a beginner, it definitely helped me in grasping some of the concepts I was missing. Thank you!

Phil Johnson at 11:03 on 8 Feb 2016

I thought it was a good introduction and helped me out quite a bit. The enthusiasm was great.

Ryan Ebbers at 10:52 on 9 Feb 2016

I took this tutorial to strengthen my core concepts of OOP. The course started slow but ramped up after the first break. I'm a firm believer in you need to get your core concepts down before you can really grasp a topic/concept. This tutorial helped to reaffirm my understanding of OOP and I would suggest it to others.