Docker for Developers


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Really insightful tutorial into docker, tools to use and common issues that come up with docker

Emily Stamey at 15:39 on 4 Feb 2016

I got a great idea of how Docker can work and how that is different from the vagrant that I use at work. I learned about some tools that I can use to get started with Docker.

As a tutorial, it was difficult to view and follow the examples. Color at the prompt in bash would be helpful as well as increasing size. The video demos of the terminal were helpful when you paused them, so maybe breaking them into smaller chunks would make the commands easier to follow.

You explained what was happening very well! Even though I couldn't read the terminal bits, I followed the concepts by your description, I just couldn't always read the command being typed.

Barry Brannan at 10:22 on 5 Feb 2016

Prior to the talk we were asked to download and install various Docker software so I was expecting there would be an opportunity to do a practical exercise. I expected the speaker might say "ok now type this command" etc etc and we would all follow along step by step with the speaker doing a bit of hand holding.

Nice introduction but would like more hamds on code

Phil Johnson at 13:42 on 5 Feb 2016

Make sure to keep bringing Chris back to update the content with all the new features.
Great speaker and great teacher.

Camilo Payan at 14:01 on 5 Feb 2016

Really informative. Definitely hit the docker commands at the right depth for me to understand how to use them, some problems I'm likely to encounter, and how to overcome those.

On the other hand, we were told to download a bunch of docker images and never really got a chance to use them. It was a little disappointing.

more live demo will be helpful :)

Awesome tutorial. Covered a lot of ground and a great intro to Docker. Only suggestion would be some more hands on participation.

Eric Paulson at 17:13 on 6 Feb 2016

great intro and overview for docker

It was a great introduction and I learned a few bits I had not encountered yet. I would have liked a bit more hands on work, especially with Swarm which we were asked to download beforehand.

Adrian Burden at 10:56 on 8 Feb 2016

Good talk and interaction.

As a talk it was great, but as a tutorial that the schedule had marked for beginners it lacked any hands on. Downloaded all the prep work but wasn't able to use any of it during the tutorial.

Came in a bit late, but was able to get a good sense of how things worked with Docker and what is possible. As other's have commented, I wasn't quite sure if this was supposed to be "hands on" or "show and tell". If hands on then it went too fast to keep up for a noob (I tried for a bit). Might have worked better with smaller audience. It was hard to see the screen captures if you were at the back of the room, and wasn't quite sure how they added much.