Navigating Your Git Repository


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Camilo Payan at 14:08 on 5 Feb 2016

Top notch git talk for that next step after you've learned your git incantations and found out that there are plenty of pitfalls that need another level of understanding of git.

I thought the talk was informative, and showed off the concepts that underpin git very well.

The only improvement I'd suggest is changing the hashes in diagrams to just letters, like A, B, and C. It seemed to be kind of hard in questions and in the presentation to refer to things by their hashes.

Dana Luther at 17:12 on 6 Feb 2016

This was a fantastic presentation. Easy to follow, very engaging and informative.

Jacob Wolowitz at 10:48 on 9 Feb 2016

Could have been more thorough and more targeted. A new git user couldn't use Git well after this talk, yet as a regular git user some basics were rehashed. She did an excellent job of visualizing the concepts of Git. It was a valuable and well spoken presentation.

Excellent talk. Complementary to Beth's tutorial on becoming a git contributor.

Generally great, but introduced more questions than it answered (in terms of what to do when things really go wrong).