PCI Compliance for PHP in the Hipster Age


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J.T. Grimes at 12:20 on 5 Feb 2016

Good, engaging speaker made a boring topic interesting. Code slides were a little hard to read on the red background, especially the poop emoji.


lol jk 5/7!

Josue at 12:30 on 5 Feb 2016

The event title through me off because i thought it was only about PCI compliance, but after coming to the event half way thru, i realized it was much better than i expected. The lesson on Gulp tests checking for XSS and checking your code for good code reviews was superb information. I'd love to see more presentations like this one again!

"Boring topic" presented in an interesting way. Slides should be tweaked for readability.

Great presentation about a boring subject. Also talked about making PCI not so scary. Also talked about some tools that will help when a Developer has an accountant at your door for PCI complance!

Steve Grunwell at 00:33 on 6 Feb 2016

PCI compliance isn't the sexiest of topics, but Phillip approached it with the right blend of humor and useful information to make the information accessible without sounding like he was reading from the compliance guidelines. Great mix of anecdotal experiences, specific regulations, and avoiding common pitfalls.

Good subject and the way it was given. I would say you speak a little too fast.