Smiling From the Wrists Down: Customer Service for Developers


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Paul Sellars at 11:41 on 8 Feb 2016

Good talk, introduced me to a side of business i know very little about.

Felt the slides could be modernised/made prettier, i personally like but there's plenty more out there which feel a little less like MS/powerpoint.

Steve Grunwell at 18:53 on 9 Feb 2016

A solid presentation full of great advice for dealing with customers, an area where many developers don't have much experience.

Perhaps a victim of timing (the last breakout session on the last day), but the presentation seemed to start slow and struggle to pick up the audience. Fortunately, Heather seemed to get more excited as the talk went on (about the time the cats took over the slides), and by the middle of the presentation she seemed to have engaged the entire room.

I would second Paul's comment regarding the slides feeling a little stock-Powerpoint, but I'm here to rate the talk, not the aesthetics of the slide deck :)