Symfony Guard Authentication: Fun with API Token, Social Login, JWT and more


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Matt Trask at 14:24 on 5 Feb 2016

Great talk, as a non Symfony user, it was easy to follow along, and gave a great overview of a subject that a lot of developers struggle with. How Ryan has that much energy so early amazes me.

As usual for Ryan an excellent presentation. Very practical and quite complete. Feel like I could go out and implement it pretty easily. Only suggestion would be maybe to go a bit slower, leave out some of the examples, and perhaps pull back a bit to insert overview/sum up slides. Maybe a slide with class diagram or something showing how all the pieces work together (user provider/user/guard/router/request etc).

He is a great speaker and the talk was good as his tutorials.

Can you share the slides?

Harrison Heck at 11:36 on 8 Feb 2016

Even though I use Guard, I was able to take away a few new bits of information that I didn't know. Ryan did a fantastic job introducing Guard using several common use cases.

Sorry for the delay guys, here are the slides!

I'll also post them in the correct spot I hadn't claimed this talk until just now :).

Thanks for coming everyone!

P.S. I had to rate myself to post this... and yes... I shamelessly gave myself a 5....

Ryan Ebbers at 10:57 on 9 Feb 2016

Great course. Helped me understand authentication better and the way everything was presented it was easy to understand.