What They Should Tell You About API Development


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I think the speakers speaks too fast, but it was good over all.

Matt Trask at 21:02 on 6 Feb 2016

Its Phil talking about APIs. Need more?

santiago sosa at 21:49 on 6 Feb 2016

Lots on information in a short time is not easy, but great concepts of when to user one design pattern or another. Will defiantly read the book!

Phil Johnson at 11:14 on 8 Feb 2016

Interesting take especially after being in the give me a REST talk.

Paul Sellars at 11:20 on 8 Feb 2016

Agreed with everything being said, highlighted lots of pain points in API development.

Steve Grunwell at 18:43 on 9 Feb 2016

First time I've had the pleasure of hearing Phil speak live about APIs, and it's clear that it's a topic he's both knowledgeable and passionate about. He carried the audience well, didn't let the low-contract projector rattle him, and was quick to give reasonable, well-thought answers to audience questions both at the end and throughout.