There's a classic mantra when it comes to security in applications: "build in security from the start". This is easy to say but much more difficult to put into practice, especially when first starting out. In this tutorial session let me guide you though some of the basic concepts and how to apply them in your code to ensure the security of your application is well architected and effective against your ultimate adversary: the hacker.

I'll start with some of the basic topics, like authorization/authentication and input validation, before moving on to good security principles like "defense in depth", fault-tolerant development and tools and techniques to ensure the security of your application. Come get your hands dirty and learn to secure your applications from the start!


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Mark Railton at 11:48 on 3 Feb 2017

Material was really good and Chris covered a lot of different security aspects. However the session was plagued with issues in his application that took a long time to correct before eventually being abandoned. Also felt that when he was live coding the application that he went through it maybe too quick for people to keep up.

Kyle Leber at 10:38 on 4 Feb 2017

The concepts of the talk were very useful, however, the application he was used as his example did not work during his hands on part.

David W. at 13:32 on 4 Feb 2017

Sorry the demo didn't work. The top 10 on was the take away. Thanks.

Thomas Misilo at 11:41 on 5 Feb 2017

Great talk, with many different concepts covered. Sorry the demo didn't work, however for the parts that Chris was live coding seemed a little rushed.

Lawrence Shea at 13:07 on 7 Feb 2017

Great talk, demo app didn't work too well though :(