Coding an admin panel is not the problem you love to face when you wake up in the morning, but is something you need to do very often. Having an environment that allows you to implement this efficiently, is something key for a developer. Symfony and SonataAdminBundle provide a way to do it that gives you as many out-of-the-box functionalities as you could dream of, plus the chance to customize every piece -if you know how to do it. The purpose of this talk is to show how easily can you get profit of SonataAdminBundle once you know how to deal with it.

We will start with a clean installation of Symfony and SonataAdminBundle, showing how to build up form there, and how to solve the main problems and questions that you usually face when having a complex admin panel in your hands. The main purposes are to show how to use SonataAdminBundle in the most standard way, and how to build up from that point, customizing whatever you need to meet the exact requirements of the project.


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Colin O'Dell at 12:13 on 4 Feb 2017

Very informative talk!