See the latest technology in brain computer interfaces and see a live demo of how you can control your applications with just your mind! As we seek better user interfaces, maybe future applications will no longer require a mouse and a keyboard, just your thoughts.


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She is passionate about the topic and she really manages to transmit that passion. Great work! Looking forward to get one of those hats. :)

Symeon Quimby at 13:19 on 6 Feb 2017

I was always fascinated with BCI. I'd catch the occasional documentary on the subject, but never realized there was an entire open source community growing around the subject. Not only for the software but the hardware as well! Mind totally blown. Thank you for the eye opener.

Your passion was infectious. I left with a completely new outlook on the subject. Brain diseases like Parkinson's run in my family. I have seen the horrible symptoms of these diseases trapping victims within their own bodies firsthand. Seeing what is currently possible with the technology to not only "read" but also "write", and how it can treat these diseases. Totally awe inspiring.

Lawrence Shea at 13:14 on 7 Feb 2017

This seemed kind of out of place at the convention, especially considering no PHP SDK available. Would have liked to see any code example, really. She was obviously very excited and passionate about the tech.