Software bugs are inevitable; some are especially difficult to track down, causing you to waste countless hours before throwing your hands up in defeat. It doesn't have to be this way! The mental fatigue and wasted time can be avoided by using strategies like identifying the most-appropriate tool, taking a logical & objective approach, challenging assumptions, listening to variables, isolating the code path, and reinforcing code with automated tests. Attendees will learn how to combine these techniques with the right mindset and attitude in order to debug their code quickly and effectively.


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Omar Gonzalez at 15:59 on 3 Feb 2017

Good information in the overall process of debugging strategies and philosophy.

Jesse Ulacia at 16:04 on 3 Feb 2017

Great information.

Kylie Stradley at 16:07 on 3 Feb 2017

I really liked the focus on process

Kyle Leber at 10:43 on 4 Feb 2017

Learned some good tools for debugging, and overall a great talk.

Natasha Hanna at 07:56 on 5 Feb 2017

Learned a lot of useful techniques. Great talk.

The presenter did a very nice job with the subject matter.