When creating a new REST platform, the planning process frequently gets skipped (or is misunderstood) resulting in an ill-conceived API. I’ll walk you through the steps needed to create an API that developers love, and point out the common traps to avoid.

The presentation will cover creating user stories, deciding on metrics, planning the API, design decisions, documentation and developer support. I will focus on creating a developer experience that will delight and amaze your developer partners and increase engagement with your platform. This talk will focus on higher level choices rather than HTTP architecture, and is appropriate for developers, product managers, or anyone else with an interest in achieving success for their API program.

The Open API Ecosystem is an amazing opportunity for companies to partner with developers, but you really only get one chance to impress, so come learn how to make your company’s API an “A List” destination.


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Phenomenal insight into planning and developing api's., Taking my notes back to my team so we can start developing our api.

Lot of topics covered, but not too deep. Couple of examples would be good on slides.

Ron Emaus at 07:22 on 4 Feb 2017

Good overview of the process and best engineering practices. Some hints that Kirsten had the technical expertise to delve more deeply into the topics. Would be a good intro to a track with several sessions covering the design, implementation examples (fitbit - good, ??? not-so-good), and finally how to orchestrate multiple requests or requests to multiple sites.

Ian Forrest at 10:14 on 4 Feb 2017

Alright talk. Could have been more developer focused.

Kyle Leber at 10:42 on 4 Feb 2017

The process of designing and planning an API was thorough. I would have liked to see more in-depth examples.

Joshua Sampia at 14:36 on 4 Feb 2017

Looking through the comments I agree. A couple of concrete examples would have been nice.

Liviu Ifrim at 17:39 on 4 Feb 2017


Symeon Quimby at 11:38 on 6 Feb 2017

Loved the wide coverage of concepts and ideas. Would of liked it to be a little more deep with examples. Maybe some slides of FitBits API, visual examples of what makes their implementation so great. Clean, Intuitive, Great Documentation, etc.

David W. at 13:34 on 7 Feb 2017

Just enough info from your book to make you want more. Guess I have to buy the book to really get the info I need.