MySQL now has a native JSON Data type. So like an Integer or a character, you can store an entire valid JSON document in a column of a table in a MySQL database. Sure you could store JSON data in a text field but then you end up using Regular Expressions to search that data and who needs that aggravation? This session will cover how JSON information is store in an optimized binary format, functions you need to know to use that JSON data (How many email fields are in that JSON document or how to update information), the usages of generated columns that take information from JSON documents to materialize a column that is indexed for searching, and lots of programming examples.

Plus there is a new MySQL Protocol and X Devapi that allows you to use a MySQL database as a document store which means no writing queries, no structured query language, and the ability from your favorite programming language to do CRUD (Create, Replace, Update, Delete) directly.


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Dana Luther at 18:09 on 4 Feb 2017

Loved the practical examples for accessing the json data.
If the slide fonts had behaved I'd give it the full 5 thumbs up!

Lawrence Shea at 13:11 on 7 Feb 2017

Very well done!

David W. at 13:45 on 7 Feb 2017

Good facts. Would have been a little better if there was more that wasn't just something out of the manual. Thank tho.