Ever had a need for some library in C in your PHP code? Or want to hook into the engine to do evil? Or maybe you just want to make some part of PHP better. And then you say “but I don't know enough C”. PHP extensions are actually quite easy to write, even for those with only the smallest amount of C knowledge, if you know the secret incantations, places to find help, and where to get your tribal knowledge.

Write your own extension in this step by step tutorial which assumes you know nothing of PHP internals, the very basics of C syntax and little more, and have the ability to type “./configure && make && make install && make test”

We'll also touch on recognizing and fixing non PHP7 compatible extensions.


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Oli Griffiths at 12:01 on 2 Feb 2017

Great insight into PHP extensions and their internals and all the crazy shit you can do when you look under the hood.

Adam Englander at 15:21 on 9 Feb 2017

Enjoyed the talk. A lot to absorb. I will definitely attend a gain if the opportunity arises. I will make sure not to arrive on a red eye just prior. ;-)

James Titcumb at 04:38 on 10 Feb 2017

Really good insight, explanations and excellently presented. Thanks Elizabeth!