How to tackle real-world web platform performance problems in modern websites and apps? This session starts with a basic understanding of the web platform and then explores to a set of problem/solution pairs built from industry-standard performance guidance. In the talk, we will demonstrate performance tips and tricks that will help you improve the performance of your apps and sites today. We will discuss the following respond to network requests, speed and responsiveness, optimizing media usage, and writing fast JavaScript. These performance tips and tricks apply equally to web sites that run on standards based web browsers, as well as to modern apps.


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Omar Gonzalez at 11:31 on 3 Feb 2017

Somewhat basic in terms of the state of front web development now a days. But good enough to understand the basics and the bottom layer of web performance.

Jesse Ulacia at 15:59 on 3 Feb 2017

Helpful tips

Very practicals tips and actions to implement right away in our applications.

Joshua Sampia at 14:36 on 4 Feb 2017

Excellent excellent. You could tell there were a lot more tips you wanted to share. Especially helpful to identify the performance metrics you want to test.

Nice job. I enjoyed it.